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SKLWelcome to the site of the state accredited Lottery Agent Meierebert!

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We have recently been alerted that

"Mr. Walters Richardson, Foreign Services Manager, Payment and Release Dept."
"Mrs Violette Kclose, Zonal Coordinator"
"Mr. Alfons Dierk"
"Mrs. Gisela Andreas"
"Mr Moller Khan"
"Hernan Emerson"
"Kate Henshaw"
"Philip Radebe" and/ or
"Lenox Winter"
has sent emails world wide, offering to help them claim prizes with us. These emails are a FRAUD and have NOTHING to do with our company or Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie!

Please do not respond to these emails neither with any personal data nor bank details!!! If you have any questions please contact us:
E-Mail address: